Gilgamesh Lyrics
all lyrics copyright 2000 by Tony Garone

These lyrics are an interpretation by me (Tony Garone) - they ARE based on the original translations from the Sumerian/Babylonian/Akkadian texts by scholars. Below the links to the song lyrics presented here you will find links to the various interpretations.

I did take many liberties in my "interpretation" of this material, in that I "mixed and matched" the Sumerian and Babylonian nomenclatures for thier gods depending on how the names fit the lyric pattern. I also took liberties with the emotional portrayal of Gilgamesh himself (were he an actual king or legend), so in this light I strongly recommend you examine additional material should you be so inclined. A stark example of this would be my interpretation of the song, "Siduri," where Gilgamesh meets the Innkeeper and, in the original text, terrifies her. I changed the meeting between the two based on a Babylonian translation that presents a very different perspective as I felt it would lend itself toward the music. But this is an exaggerated example. For the rest of the album I attempted to remain true to the original Sumerian story.

I am by no means a scholar or historian on Mesopotamia (this should be obvious upon closer scrutiny), but I am enamoured by this period in time. I have done quite a bit of research on this subject, and have been independantly studying ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia since I was thirteen.

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