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Mathematics is the language of my God.


Ok, what IS Gematria?

First - the commercial.

Gematria is a compact disc released by me -Tony Garone. The music is a combination of styles and influences. To hear samples of some of this music or purchase Gematria go here.

For those of you who do not have my CD (when I open my wallet I can see this means most of you...), this page will explore this incredible concept, but for those of you with a mild interest, here goes...

In the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, each character of text was assigned a corresponding number. When words, phrases or parables were put together, they added up to complex numbers. The study of this numbering system is known as "Gematria" in the ancient Greek. The Hebrew text has an identical concept, however there is no Hebrew "word" describing this process. So as you can see, each number can be a word, and each word a number.

These larger numbers have very distinct and important associations with Yahweh (Jehovah, The Ancient of Days, God the Father) and The Lord Jesus Christ. So when you take scripture and "break it down" into its numerical counterpart, this is what you get:

Using Gematria,when each letter of the name "Lord Jesus Christ" is assigned a number that number is 3168. Below is a chart of our alphabetic characters, the corresponding Greek characters, and the value. Remember that the words must be translated into the original Greek words to properly generate the Gematria.

 Alphabetic Character  Greek Character  Numeric Value
A Alpha 1
B Beta 2
G Gamma 3
D Delta 4
E Epsilon 5
Z Zeta 7
H Eta 8
Q Theta 9
I Iota 10
K Kappa 20
L Lambda 30
M Mu 40
N Nu 50
F Xi 60
O Omicron 70
P Pi 80
R Rho 100
S Sigma 200
T Tau 300
U Upsilon 400
V Phi 500
X Chi 600
Y Psi 700
W Omega 800

Lord =KURIOS=800 (Kappa=30 + Upsilon=400 + Rho=100 + Iota=10 + Omicron=70 + Sigma=200)

Jesus=IESOUS=888 (Iota=10 + Eta=8 + Sigma=200 + Omicron=70 + Upsilon=400 + Sigma=200)

Christ=XRISTOS=1480 (Chi=600 + Rho=100 + Iota=10 + Sigma=200 + Tau=300 + Omicron=70 + Sigma=200)


This number appears throughout the Old and New Testaments. As an example, the dimensions for the construction of the Ark that Yahweh gave to Noah add up to 3,168 cubits. This is significant because the Ark represents Jesus Christ. By the way, the Ark was not a boat, but instead was a box - Noah did not need to navigate - where was he going? All that was required was to stay afloat!

The Gematria for the name Jesus is 888 (as noted above), is a crucial number, as the Gematria for every word of each Gospel (Matthew, John, Luke etc.) totals to that number. In addition to this, some Gematria is intrinsically linked to Sacred Geometry; paragraphs become symbols, shapes and geometric diagrams, depicting Sacred symbology! The Gematria of words spoken by Jesus in the Gospels were combined to form geometric shapes (circles, triangles, lines etc.) that fit together like some great diagram. Spoken words in a parable or story were used for imagery, while the numerical value of other words could intersect these geometric designs at crucial points. The Genius of our Creator has transformed the written Word into "three-dimensional hypertext" long before computers were even imagined.

The phrase "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" takes on new meaning when one studies Gematria. The scriptural references are endless. I don't have space to enter them all here.

In addition to these scriptural references, there are some mind-boggling numeric proportions and measurements affiliated with this number:

31,680,000 ft. = perimeter of The New Jerusalem
31,680 miles = perimeter of the Earth
31,680 furlongs = radius of the Earth
3,618 MMi. = perimeter of the Moon
316,800 MMi. = diameter of the Sun
316,800 inches = perimeter of the Cities of Refuge
316.8 ft. = Sarsen Circle (Stonehenge) circumference

In addition, Garone has found that there is a mathematical design to all things, specifically with measurements, proportions (the Golden Mean) and distances. The number 2168 (not a number related to Gematria) pops up all over the place!

For instance:

21,600 = breaths in a day taken by a human being
2,160 miles = diameter of the moon
21,600 miles per hour = the suns travel through our galaxy orbiting an unknown centre
216,000 miles = the distance between the Earth and the Moon
2,160 years = one age of the zodiac in the cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes

Well, I hope this has shed some light on the significance of these numbers. They were the inspiration and the impetus for creating the Gematria CD. I hope they inspire you!

For more in-depth information you may want to read "The Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe" by Michael Schneider, "Stonehenge and the great Pyramid" by Bonnie Gaunt or "The Divine Proportion" by H.E. Huntley

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