Gematria Lyrics

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The technology that went into making this thing was really a crap-shoot, but it worked. For those of you interested, this is how it worked: the songs were originally recorded on my 8 track ADAT (a digital multi-track tape deck), then the dumped onto a Mac with an AV card using SoundEdit 16 software (which creates AIF files on the hard drive), at this point, I was able to digitally edit and treat them. Some tracks were dumped from my original TEAC master tapes onto the ADAT as well - like the stuff I did with Pete and Kenny. Using Toast and Jam software songs were placed in appropriate order, where volumes were adjusted and finally burned onto the CD recorder. Funny thing is that didn't know if this would work, but it did.

Thanks and credit go to many people. Firstly, Mary Ann of course, for her constant support and constructive criticism, and of course my wonderful children who were more than anxious to contribute to this thing (except Anthony who was busy with his own). Then there are my long distance musician friends, who are credited for their contributions to the music, but they went the extra mile - Monkey, Scotto, Pete, Billy, Mike, Lisasmith for the use of her studio on "She's Crazy"...oh, and I almost forgot,Mom & Dad.

All songs ©1998 by Tony Garone except where noted. Recorded at Cow Pilot Studios.

Gematria Lyrics

She's Crazy

She's crazy when she sinks a bottle
he's lazy - never seems to care.
I know her saw her with the vicar
down under tables broken chairs

She told me I could be the winnner
he told her he would "turn the key"
I know that it would never happen
she showed me other people dare.

I'm lonely now that she is missing
I wonder what will come of her
she's holding bones where flesh is missing
she's eating flesh where bones are cruncy
they'll never find his cigarette.

Garone - treated vocal, electric guitar, keyboards,drum programming
Billy Brown - lead guitar
Kenny Garone - bass guitar
Mike Carr - vocals
LisaSmith - vocals


The numbers threw me.
I should have seen it all this time -
they walked right through me.
The path they left was a design.

The Spirit knew me.
His hand in mine transformed my mind.
The nagging questions -
no longer plagued my tiny mind.


Gematria - the mighty stones are speaking
ÒGematria, GematriaÓ
Gematria - the numbers call to question.
ÒGematria, GematriaÓ.

The Silent Circles
now answer volumes in my mind.

Garone - Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, and bass
Anthony Garone Jr. - Lead Guitar, drum programming

Midnight Germany

Cry for me
In my Midnight Germanyll is lost.
All is gone.
In my Midnight Germany

Beyond the grace He waits for me
In my Midnight Germany...
the Beautiful One - He waits for me.
Pity me.
In my Midnight Germany.

Garone - vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards

Song for V-GER

In a moment
fighting for my life
In a heartbeat
living for today

Are these moments
days and years all lost in time?
in time.

In the distance
approaching time and space.
A collision
we weary from the chase.

All these moments days and years all fall behind.

A song for V-GER
We know what you're looking for.
A song for V-GER
Voices silenced from our fall.
A song we all sing.
When we think we know it all.Something we can't quite recall.
In a moment...
approaching time and space.
In an hearbeat
the distance falls away.
Your song is one we cannot know today.

Garone - Vocals, electric guitar, keyboards, and bass
Jennifer Garone - Vocals
John Sergio - Tin Whistle
Scott Harris - Real Keyboards
Anthony Garone Jr. - Lead Guitar, drum programming

Tin Man

You - You never told me
You were a Tin Man

You you nefer showed me
that Tin heart of yours

You you never showed me
the way to OZ...
I was ready to go.

You - You never told me you were a cowardly lion

You - You never showed me
that medal you got from the WOW WOW Wizard.

You - You never told me you had no brain.
If you only had a brain
If you only had a heart
If you only had some c-c- courage.

You - You never told me
you were gone on the road
the yellow brick road

You - You never told me
You had no heart
You had no brain
You had no love
You - You burn up like straw.

You - You never loved me
Cause you have no heart
You have no brain

You - You never showed me
the way to love
Cause youÕre just a Tin Man
Tin Man
And your little dog too....

Garone - Vocals, electric guitar
Anthony Garone Jr. - Electric Guitar, drum machine programming
John Sergio, Scott Harris - MIDI and harmonizer programming

Grey Heart

Kneeling quietly upon her knees
cold and tired she can hardly see
She remembers to forget the past
screaming visions to the very last

Pack a suitcase and a Subway to go
this is something that she wants you to know.

Days and nights are falling into grey.
Said revisions never hold there weight
Holdinh something in her heart he lacks
Hold onto something solid hold her back.

Pack a suitcase and a Subway to go
this is something that he never should know

She can see that there is nohting left
cold and lonely she waits on the step.
Her whole life is such a sorry thing.
She can only see the things he had.

Pack a suitcase and a Subway to go
this is something that he never will know

Garone - Vocals, electric guitar, flute, keyboards, drum machine programming and bass
John Sergio - Tin Whistle
Scott Harris - Real Keyboards

We Watch the Stars

I hold your hand
It feels so cold.
It's only time that's passed and I was once so bold

I hold your hand
I touch your heart
I find it hard to understand we're so apart.

We close our eyes and now we see
the things we could not understand will set us free

We search the skies
We watch the stars
We fall into the distance keeping us apart

Garone - vocal, acoustic guitars
Ann Marie Garone - vocal

Silent Metal One

Time to find a way to crystallize the vision
Try to hide away the belmish of the past.
Try to find a way to...
Try to find a way to run.

Can't remember when these lessons taught the masses.
Tired of hoping that a precious one will last.
Tired of hoping for this
Tired of fighting for this time
Find this fire...

Find the time to answer all the greatest questions
Searching for the answer from our broken past.
Find the time to question
Find the time to question
We've come so far...

Hush now
Silent metal ones
'till we move our soldiers underground.

Garone - vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Anthony Garone Jr. - drum programming
Scott Harris - real keyboards
Jennifer, Steven and Ann Marie Garone - vocals

All songs copyright 1998 by Tony Garone