Carbon-based life forms who contributed to Gilgamesh

Here's a few photos of the hard working people who gave their time and effort for this project. My sincerest thanks to you all!

1. Ann Marie Garone, who performed the vocal on "Siduri" 2. Jennifer Garone, who performed the vocal of "Ninsun" (Gilgamesh's Mom and temple priestess) on the song "The Fallen Star"

1. Marcie Schreier, who performed the vocal on "Inanna." 2. Lisasmith who performed vocals on "We are all One" and was so very generous in letting me interrupt her studio time and use Stomp Box Studios to record tracks for Gilgamesh.

1. Anthony Garone Jr. who played guitar on "The Bull of Heaven, "Huwawa", "The Journey" and "Lost in the Temple of Anu". 2. Evan Keckta who played trumpet on "The Far Away" 3. My brother, "Mad Ken" Garone, who played Bass guitar on "We Are All One"

1. Joseph Pagan, who rendered, translated and transliterated all the Cuneiform and wrote explanations for each symbol here on the Web Companion. 2. Romi Keerbs, who did the design and artwork for the compact disc booklet and cover.

1. William Brown played guitar (electric, acoustic and bass) on "We are all One", "Siduri", "The Fallen Star", "The Bull of Heaven" and played keyboards on "Gilgamesh Laments for enkidu", "The Bull of Heaven" and "The Far Away" 2. Dave Helfand who played Celtic harp on "Uruk"

1. Philip Griffin playing the Turkish Saz (which he used on "Enkidu") 2. Marcie Schreier and Philip Griffin in concert Saint Andrews Church in Jerusalem.

Mike Carr who performed the vocal on "Flower of Life"

1. Casey Carney played drums on "We are all One", "The Flower of Life", "Enkidu", "The Bull of Heaven", "The Fallen Star" and "Siduri" 2. Marcie's cat, Enkidu.